VU meter plugin
For XMMS and Audacious

Changelog for Audacious version (latest ...):

v1.0.0  -> First release for audacious
        -> Adds support for multiple plugin windows (currently up to 10) and each 
	   window can have different skin
	-> Breaks compatibility with old skin format (new format allows modular 
        -> Docking support removed (not currently supported by audacious 2.X)

Changelog for XMMS version (latest 0.9.2):

Note: Complete changelog included within source package!
v0.9.2  -> Worker routine now calculates dBFS values, and therefore skins also have 
           new option, which defines minimum dBFS value (defaults to -91.0 dBFS)
        -> Missing 'default'-skin no longer causes xmms to crash, but only disables 
        -> If one of two titlebar images is missing, skin loader now uses the other 
           one, for both states
        -> Clipping "led" has been fully implemented
v0.9.1  -> Loading skins from global directory did not work 
        -> Currently loaded skin is now selected, when entering config window and 
           skins tab
        -> Config window buttons now behave like they should have in the first place
        -> Main routine did not release memory properly while creating worker thread

v0.9    -> Minor cleanups
        -> Renamed default.2 skin to default.oldxmms
        -> New skin: default.mirror
        -> Right needle position was calculated incorrectly when using mirror mode
        -> enable_analog_vu option did nothing.. fixed
        -> overlay_img transparency fixed
        -> Cleaner shutdown of worker thread
        -> Fixed segfault when closing plugin from close button at titlebar

v0.8    -> Changed email address
        -> Building now uses autotools
        -> Updated configuration windows GUI
        -> Calculations, and screen updating moved to worker thread
        -> Implemented frame rate limiter