VU meter plugin
For XMMS and Audacious

Latest news:

9.4.2015 - Minor improvements to the website

Some of the links and code on the site seem to have been broken for a while. Now they are fixed and the project can continue it's life here on sourceforge.

Ps. It seems that Audacious 3.6 has reverted back to using gtk2. So maybe one day this plugin will get one more update :-]

25.4.2012 - Bugfix release 1.0.1 available

1.0.1 version of the plugin is now available via download page. This release adds support for GTK2 versions of audacious 2.5 and 3.0. Plugin doesn't currently support GTK3 versions of audacious and doesn't compile with audacious 3.1 or 3.2.

29.7.2010 - 1.0.0 final available

1.0.0 final release available for download. Only change between RC1 and this release is audacious 2.4 compatibility. Oh and... Random lockup problem is still unresolved :-/

12.2.2010 - 1.0.0 beta available

1.0.0 Beta available for download. Please note that this version does not support XMMS and most likely Audacious versions below 1.5. Know bugs include: Random lockups on plugin shutdown and missing development tools.

11.2.2010 - Lots'o'bug-edition

Sneak preview for the new and completely rewritten version of the plugin for audacious, with lots of new bugs, and even some new features.

New features:

  • Up to 10 plugin windows and each window can have different skin.
  • Improved skin format:
    • Allows unlimited (tm) number of vu needles, static images and images that react to music.
    • 5 different layers to place elements
    • Old skins not compatible :-/